What Can Revision Rhinoplasty Do For You?

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Sometime a rhinoplasty does not work out as intended and another operation is needed to fix problems. When this occurs it’s called revision rhinoplasty, because the plastic surgeon isn’t performing a complete rhinoplasty, but rather just revising what was done before.


It may be used to fix mistakes, conceal to redo an older nose job which may be losing its shape rhinopalsty santa barbara. Irvine rhinoplasty experts tend to be sought out for revision rhinoplasty due to their ability and experience.

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If you’re thinking about revision rhinoplasty then you need to be aware there are numerous elements which will need to be taken into consideration from the cosmetic surgeon.

1. What does the nose seem like right now?
2. Can there be scarring from previous surgeries?
3. What’s the problem that has to be adjusted.
4. Can the issue really be fixed with revision rhinoplasty? Some issues aren’t correctable or aren’t readily correctable and might require several surgeries.
5. What’s the individual’s psychological condition. Is the individual seeking to get revision rhinoplasty for a legitimate reason or are they maybe a surgery enthusiast. Some individuals will return for further surgeries that they truly don’t desire, but desire as they’re not able to be happy in their appearances.

With these 5 variables being addressed in line you’re a fantastic candidate for revision rhinoplasty. You have the option of returning to your initial plastic surgeon to carry out the revision or you’ll be able to visit a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in revision rhinoplasty.

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It is likely that they will ask questions a general cosmetic surgeon would not ask. Revision rhinoplasty is growing more prevalent, but it is still important that a patient’s purpose for asking additional surgeries be ascertained.

U.S. figures show us that 17 percent of rhinoplasty from the U.S. is currently revision rhinoplasty. A high number of them are simply to fix minor imperfections and irregularities.

And a huge proportion of them are necessary due to damage brought on by the individual via accidents or improper maintenance. These are normally performed in the physician’s office and the price is minimal. It is uncommon for a significant revision that has to be carried out.

Reasons for revision rhinoplasty may also be to fix a nose that’s been made too big or too little. Normally these errors are not the fault of this plastic surgeon, at times it’s simply difficult for the individual to understand what their brand new nose will look like in their face until it’s completed.

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