Natural Cleaning Solutions for Hardwood Floors

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It is almost impossible to explore natural cleaning options without coming across baking vinegar or soda as recommended alternatives.

Hardwood Floors

For a switch, we guarantee to not provide baking soda or vinegar as normal flooring cleaning alternatives for sealed hardwood flooring. Even though these ingredients dominate the search results, they are useless at best and possibly harmful as completed floor cleaners.

Drought, Dehydrated, Clay Floor, Earth

What we do provide are simple, common sense solutions and products for natural or non hazardous floor cleaners.

Safe for Parents and Kids

Families with kids, particularly those young enough to perform on the ground, might wish to prevent harsh compound floor cleansers so their kids are not exposed to dangerous fumes and residue.

Reactions to Powerful Compounds

Some individuals have very sensitive skin and allergies which restrict their capacity to be about powerful scents or caustic chemicals which are frequently utilized in commercial floor cleaning solutions.

Finished or engineered hardwood flooring have a coating of polyurethane or a comparable protective finish.

As They Say,”An After of Prevention…”

We constantly felt awkward at houses where we needed to take off our shoes upon entering hardwood flooring near me. However, you know what? They may be on to something.

Not only is that this preventative measure proficient at maintaining rugs clean, but shoes track dirt on hardwood flooring and grind the particles from the timber with their tough soles. Clearly this isn’t great for the end.

However, whether you insist people remove their shoes, at least doing routine vacuuming or damp mopping around the ground to pick up particles will get rid of these very small pieces of grit which behave as lubricant from the end.

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Any search of organic or natural or non-toxic flooring cleaning solutions is likely to return a good deal of results indicating baking soda and soda, occasionally mixed together. These may be successful cleaning agents in certain situations but they are not the right that the response for cleaning hardwood flooring.

The first issue with these chemicals is they are mildly corrosive. Baking soda is somewhat alkaline so it’s an above average pH level and vinegar is somewhat contaminated with a below average ph level.

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