Canine Couture – It Is All About The Dog Tags

I was surprised to understand that individuals were dressing up their dogs because the Middle Ages. Ladies-in-waiting would flaunt their prosperity at dances by minding their pooches with pearls to bring the greatest possible beau.

Dog Tags

Much King Arthurback in 520AD, was in about the designer dog wear motion ensuring that his army dogs were outfitted with spiky collars to protect them from assault, the stronger the Knight the more extravagant the puppy’s collar.

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Really, Leeds Castle in Kent shows a exceptional collection of historical and intriguing collars dating as far back compared to medieval times. Spanning five decades, the collection includes illustrations from collars utilized to shield hunting hounds in addition to bejewelled velvet amounts for the more elegant canine.

Adorning your pet with luxury things has certainly been what to do. Harrods maintain their yearly Pet-a-Porter dog style show annually bringing countless fashonistas and their furry companions to find out what is hot for their puppies this season With designers such as Ben de Lisi, Vivienne Westwood and Stephen Webster in on the action you are aware that dog style has been taken quite seriously by people in the know.

Actually, dog jewelry has managed to break a few world records together with the invention of an extremely extravagant 52-carat diamond dog collar set with 1600 diamonds! In a staggering 1.8 million bucks, your puppy actually would need to be something particular. Luckily beautiful, trendy silver dog tags can be found Sterling Silver so that your pet can still strut his stuff from the playground without you having to win the lottery.

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Of course as self-respecting dog owners you will want to make sure your pet stays on fashion because it calms sticks and leaps to the river, but you might not have realised it’s in fact the law of this land in England to make sure that your dog wears an engraved dog tag.

With fines up to a astronomical #5,000 for breaking the law you might too treat your very best buddy to something that bit more unique. The best dog tags are hallmarked and may be seen in Silver, Gold, 9ct Gold, 18ct Gold and Gold with blue, pink or yellow sapphires, rubies and white or black diamonds.

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