Beginning A Christmas Light Setup Company

In the event that you should ask me a couple of years back what the simplest way to produce a six figure income was that I would not have had some thought. My response is that you need to begin a Christmas lighting installation enterprise.

I was nearly broke the entire year I started by Christmas lighting setup business and’m now earning well over six figures per year christmas lights hanging el paso. In this article I will share with you ways to wake up and running within a week.

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Light Setup Company

The very first thing you have to be aware of is this is a very short season so that you will need to move quickly. I advise that you begin getting ready for the season beginning in October.

You are likely to have to hire a graphic designer (a neighborhood one is best, simply do some searches and you will find one). You can normally get the flyer developed for under $100 that is the reason why I advise hiring a graphics designer rather than doing this yourself.

Your flyer needs to be quite tricky and include a great deal of pictures of installments. You want prospective customers to dream their house/business could seem like this. Also ensure you list your services out and be sure that you contact info is notable (telephone + email is vital nowadays ).

As soon as you’ve obtained the flyer made you are likely to have to have it delivered. A couple of days following the ship out you are going to begin to receive calls from prospective customers.

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If they call you it is time to set up a free consultation. The idea here would be to provide them value before you request for cash. I advise that you set up a binder or record displaying several distinct kinds of setups to help get their creative juices flowing and to allow you to determine exactly what they need.

Throughout the consultation your task is to pay attention to and write down each and every proposal they have. If they are stuck only get out your publication of images which always helps me if customers become stuck on what they need.

Be certain not to hurry and do a fantastic job as this is where they are going to determine whether to work with you or not and if they will turn into a repeat client (repeat clients are important since they help build your company extremely quickly ).

In the close of the appointment spend a couple of minutes on a quotation and request a deposit.

Getting customers is always the tough part. Now you know what they need so schedule a time to get it done and be sure that you schedule a while in January/February to take down the lights as well. Ensure that you mention throughout the consultation which you state that taking the lights down is included along with your cost.

If you have been attempting to determine how to make six figures annually I strongly advise that you begin one on your own.

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