Warning On ADHD Medication And Cough And Cold Medicines

For all those of you parents, particularly those who have kids taking ADHD drugs, we would like you to know about these information.


The CDC doesn’t know if there weren’t any deaths as a outcome. The data was just unavailable to the. But previous studies have found numerous deaths in very young kids who were accidentally given a lot of the medications.

For those children whose symptoms have been reported, allergic reactions such as hives and itching were most frequent, and neurological signs such as nausea and unresponsiveness were following get the best price. The majority of the medications involved were liquid mixtures of cold and cough remedies, CDC investigators said.

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They report that roughly 4,600 kids took the medications unsupervised, which roughly 3,500 of these kids were ages 2 – 5. Another 1,500 were kids under the age of two years old that had been granted over-the-counter cold and cough medications that the FDA believes to be too hazardous for these young kids.

The CDC Provides this information to parents:

  • Do not leave medications where your kid may have the ability to reach them.
  • Do not take mature drugs facing your kid.
  • Do not give kids younger than age two medications meant for older kids.
  • Throw away cough and cold medications for children less than age two.
  • There are just two important warnings for parents:
  • So do your kids. It makes it too simple for our kids to take drugs, even if we aren’t about;
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These medications aren’t candy. They’re medicines which aren’t to be given to babies.
Of greater concern is that the message there were more than 1,000 cases where parents gave the appropriate dosage and an allergic reaction another problem developed.

We must bear in mind that Cough and Cold medications can have an influence on the Central Nervous System, and at times that result is inconsistent. Most of us know kids who go to sleep after given Benadryl, along with other kids who twist up like a shirt. Parents, we must be mindful.

Parents should think about the medication interactions involving Cough and Cold medications and some other drugs that the child may be taking, especially drugs for ADHD, depression, or stress. Always seek advice from your physician. Or even better, speak to the pharmacist. Parents, we must be careful.

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