To Catch a Thief: Personal Investigator Case History in Indonesia

We’d also stress that although the goal within this report is frequently called”the burglar” that is done only as a benefit for retelling this circumstance. The goal was not convicted of the alleged offense if this case was completed.

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A couple of weeks back we had a call Sunday afternoon by Private investigator sontario . The customer had flight information and may send images. The flight was expected in only a couple of hours.

Personal Investigator Case Review

At this time we’d only limited details concerning why the customer wanted this specific target followed. The customer just said he had help in recovering some stolen land.

Surveillance and hooking arriving aims at airports could be a struggle and requires more funds than normal surveillance. A Personal Investigation Agency will normally use two representatives on routine surveillance, but in an airport it requires some comprehensive preparation and planning with three or more private investigators (based upon the airport).

People Today leave airports by three different approaches generally:

Fundamentally at airports that the personal investigation team will have to include:

Two representatives around the arrival gate to spot the goal upon birth;
A broker at every potential departure;
Backup service representatives across the exit streets.
When a goal is identified in an airport the goal of the agents in the entrance gate is to receive a positive identification and adhere to the goal until they get into the public transportation system, or the goal gets into a different vehicle (for example, a cab ).

If the goal does enter public transportation then the brokers that hooked them in the arrival gate ought to keep together at the transportation system. Normally a Personal Investigation Agency prefers to utilize a man and a woman because the two brokers carrying out surveillance in the entrance gate (one includes tiny luggage). This is achieved if surveillance is required to a public transportation system – a man and girl blend inconspicuously within an airport bus or train particularly when a person has luggage using a flight label on it.

If the goal gets to a cab or other automobile (as if they’re picked up by somebody ) the initial set of brokers will need to spot the vehicle information and attempt to establish that depart they seem to be moving towards.

The moment they have these details that the broker should radio the broker in the specified exit points together with the specifics as well as the support representatives.


Jakarta airport isn’t too complicated as far as airports go along with both representatives at arrivals could recognize the goal. As the goal joined the cab queue we were able to have a photo over to the customer to affirm we had the ideal individual.

The cab details were subsequently radioed into the PI bureau’s third and fourth representatives in the exit points and on the street.

Both of these agents could follow along with the goal of his destination – a resort. Private Investigation Agencies normally have regular procedures for subsequent on a street (that is performed for foot surveillance too ). So broker A follows the goal and representative B follows broker A. They then keep shifting.

We knew the resort the goal was and had images, we’ve got a conference call with a customer.

The customer explained that the goal had stolen more than $1 million from his own firm.

For the next step the customer wanted among their private investigators to acquire a letter into the goal and then for us to see. The letter was in the customer’s attorney. He wanted this done immediately prior to the goal slept (in just two hours of this goal arriving – and also keep in mind that the goal had flown approximately 16 hours).

Hence that the representative wouldn’t be noticed we had somebody set the letter below the victim’s door once we understood they were indoors. The private investigators waited at the hotel lobby and out with a motorbike in the ready.

Within half an hour of delivering the correspondence that the goal came from the lobby along with his luggage and checked out. He then went straight back into the airport.

Nothing much happened at the airport. The goal was on his phone a great deal and moved to some sales counters. Then after a few hours that he obtained a cab.

The Thief Disappears at the Night

It doesn’t matter how long you perform your own work or the number of agents you’ve got, there’s always the possibility you will shed a goal. There are lots of reasons, but the key is to get a backup strategy.

The goal was dropped in the dreadful Jakarta traffic.

Superior relations with various individuals is vital for a detective. Having worked on over 400 instances we’ve developed a range of relationships with associations including police, immigration, child protection services, resorts, and… cab businesses.

For a small charge, we can provide the cab company the cab amount of the cab the goal was in. They could contact the motorist for us and discover where he fell our goal.

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The Second Grab

The burglar (or alleged burglar ) had turned right into a really costly resort on the outskirts of Jakarta. Our job was just to watch and follow along with, if he left, which we figured he’d, locate his second destination.

There are instances when it offers you a real buzz however frequently it’s dull and very difficult work.

Surveillance work isn’t all about the goal of being busy. To get personal investigator surveillance is usually 90% inactivity and 10 percent action. Seeing what?

At least with this instance, we were inside in a comfy and very wonderful resort. We can sit in the lobby cafe and watch each of the departure points and the resort desk.

He made his way into the airport.

The customer wanted for us to learn where he was heading next, and asked us to accompany him through into the test in point to determine which flight he had been carrying.

There are just two issues with this.

The first issue is that in Indonesia to find access to the check-in place you want a legitimate flight ticket. It’s not an open elaborate. With our connections that this is rather a simple barrier to overcome.

The next difficulty however is more challenging to fix whatever airport you’re in. Even viewing the counter a goal checks at won’t automatically inform you where somebody is moving.

Again knowing the ideal people can make all of the difference to get a private investigation agency – we could acquire the goal’s complete trip itinerary. The goal was flying into Singapore (so in Jakarta he’d have checked in at the Singapore check in countertops ) and then on a Japan airline trip to Japan.


The goal left and the customer had the time to make any agreements required in Japan. We guess that the customer played a smart move with the correspondence. The letter gave the goal an escape path – return today and the results will be minimal in comparison to what they will be if you attempt to run (and should you run we’ll grab you).

The goal did fulfill our customers in Japan.

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