The True Cost Of Landscape Lighting

As a landscape lighting builder it constantly amazes me once I walk around $500,000 houses and they’ve hardware shop landscape light installed. Obviously they’re calling me because their lights do not work correctly, along with the builder who installed them will not stand behind his guarantee.

Landscape Lighting

The most important issue with hardware shop lighting, will be the alligator clips which produce the electric connection. All these are terrible ideas, since they constantly fail after a couple of years landscape lighting plano tx. The dilemma is they permit moisture to corrode the alligator teeth, and rust the cable. In this scenario I’d eliminate the alligator clips strip the cable and also create watertight connections with silicone stuffed wire caps. Here is the only reliable means to link outside lighting.

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But there is the issue with the inexpensive fixtures . Hardware shop lights would be the very low end of the light generates lines. They’re constructed cheaply and offered at a minimal price. That’s the reason why there are several homes using them. The charge to install landscape light similar to this is generally $100 a lighting. These lights have a 1 year guarantee on the fixture without a guarantee on the bulb but it is going to continue around 1 year.

Compared to high quality solid fittings that would cost approximately $200 a mild installed properly. These lights have a 5 year guarantee on the fixture without a guarantee on the bulb but it is going to continue around 1 year. The fixture will continue more like 15 decades.

1 step is Kichler potted LED lights that price 300.00 a mild set up but include a 15-year guarantee on the lighting fixture along with the bulb indoors.

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So let us add up the dollars with time.

So the cheapest landscape lighting method to put in will be the most expensive to keep over time, and also the most expensive to put in is the cheapest to keep over time. This analysis does not place a dollar number on the frustrations and instances your landscape lighting wasn’t working properly and awaiting support. However, the expenses recorded were assuming that halogen bulbs have been changed 1 time each year. LED bulbs were changed 1 time every 5 decades along with the Kichler mild never needed to be altered.

The analysis also demonstrates that LED bulbs cost more to put in but save a good deal of cash in support. LED bulbs are guaranteed to survive five years compared with halogen bulbs 1-year-old, and LED bulbs use 4 to 5 times less power than halogen bulbs perform. I changed my home from halogen to LED and moved from utilizing 466 g to 66 watts, saving roughly $12 dollars each month on my electrical bill.

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