The Best Free Patriotic Crafts, Suggestions, and Free Patterns

Many colleges use time prior to Labour Day to teach young children about presidents past and current and also the workings of the United States Government.

The Best Free Patriotic Crafts

Patriotic crafts for kids are a excellent way to educate them concerning the history of President’s Day. Make these fantastic patriotic homemade crafts along with your child in your home and spend some time together discussing what it means to be an American!

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Patriotic Crafts for Kids

Dress-up such as the birthday boy – our very first president George Washington – with this fun and informative endeavor.


Around half a bag of cotton balls each costume Paper painter’s cap Black ribbon White craft glue security scissors Measures: Give the collector’s hat slightly more shape by squeezing some towels or rags within it to allow it to stand like it will when put on your kid’s head.

Glue cotton balls right to the hat as though they were the curls of a wig. Cover the whole hat american flag hats. Cut enough of this ribbon to tie a little bow. Glue the bow into the cotton balls like a ponytail that will hang across the nape of their neck. Let your kid feel and wear like a real American patriot.

Help your son or daughter join in the delight and celebration of our new President with this simple and economical President’s Day craft thought.


– Paper Plate
– A duplicate or routine of this Obama”O” logo
– Acrylic paint in white, red, and blue
– paintbrush

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The middle region of the plate must develop into the white of this O within the outer globe.

Paint the upper section of the outer ridge blue along with the horizontal stripes white and red such as the American flag.

Allow to dry thoroughly. Have your child understand several facts about President Obama. Talk together with the historic value of the election to office.

Presidents Day Truth:

Presidents’ Day can be called a day to celebrate General Washington’s production of their very first military badge of virtue for the frequent soldier – that the Purple Heart – that was revived on Washington’s 200th birthday in 1932.

In New Mexico, President’s Day, as a country government paid vacation, is observed on the Friday following Thanksgiving.

Since Labour Day isn’t the official title for the national holiday, most spellings are approved without a correct or wrong. President’s Day, Presidents Day, and Presidents’ Day are commonly used spellings of this holiday’s title.

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