A Fast Grocery Guide for Great Eating

I acknowledge it grocery shopping is the social highlight of the week. Was a regular at my regional food co-op for so long as I have, I understand the team fairly well and it is just like a giant dinner celebration. What completes this film, obviously, is the stunningly healthful and tasty foods anticipating my shopping cart.

Guide for Great Eating

But if you are new to this entire all-natural nourishment arena, entering a health-based supermarket can feel much more like a pity party than the dinner celebration. You ask,”And what the hell is quinoa?” And yes, you might even declare it kwin-OH-a (It is KEEN-wa).

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I thought a small health food supermarket manual might be convenient. The products on this list help you stay away from traditional foods which are not very healthy or wholesome, like white bread, white sugar, wheat, milk, soy and meat click here. Alternatively, you might discover that choosing healthier choices from the list below won’t just enhance your overall wellbeing, but your waist too.

Do not be scared to experiment and try what you have not tried before!

Brown rice
entire oats (grind in a food processor for a healthy choice to flour)
buckwheat (also makes a Fantastic flour alternative when floor )
black beans
cannelini beans
pinto beans
lima beans
garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
Raw, unsalted almonds
raw, unsalted walnuts
raw, unsalted pecans
raw, unsalted cashews
raw, unsalted sunflower seeds
raw, unsalted pumpkin seeds
chia seeds
citrus seeds
almond butter (great sub for peanut butter – whites are not so good for you)
tahini (sesame paste – amazing as a salad dressing or vegetable dip)
Kale (red, green, Lacinato, Russian)
collard greens
lettuce (romaine, green, crimson, bibb)
bok choy
chopped greens
beet greens
refreshing green herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley)

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Concentrate on eating the rainbow – a mixture of orange, red, yellow, blue, green, pink and purple
Organic almond milk
organic berry milk
coconut milk

Nutritional supplement (great replacement for parmesan)

Daiya vegan cheese (or other vegan cheese manufacturers, however Daiys is your safest and best-tasting in my humble opinion)
organic coconut oil (good for baking & cooking where butter is known for)
Earth Balance soy-free spread (butter replacement )
Raw agave syrup
raw walnut syrup
coconut oil
palm sugar
stevia leaf


All-natural, jojoba olive oil (not for cooking – use in salads, etc)
organic coconut oil (amazing for cooking – manages high heat)
jojoba oil
jojoba oil


Organic sprouted whole grain breads & tortillas rather than white (ideally preventing those comprising wheat)
sprouted corn tortillas
organic corn tortilla chips
quinoa & black bean tortilla chips
Kale chips
brown rice noodles
Wasa rye bread noodles
Lundberg organic brown rice cakes
spelt pretzels (prevent if consumed wheat allergies)
popcorn (prevent dreadful compound microwave pop & popcorn onto the stove)


Any organic dark chocolate (70 percent or higher)
coconut ice cream (Coconut Bliss is your most popular brand)
Julie’s organic sorbet (no corn syrup in this Wonderful manufacturer )
organic sundried fruits (not sulphur-dried)
create your own raw candies, such as raw brownies
Lara pubs
Frozen fruit smoothies


Pure filtered water Is Actually all you want (try adding a splash of lemon or lime )
coconut water
kombucha (fermented beverage – good for desserts if not eating yogurt)
herbal tea
green tea

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